Blind to Reality (2017)
Descent Into Madness EP (2015)

About Eternal Torment.


Eternal Torment was formed in 2011 with the sole purpose of creating uncompromised death metal. Eternal Torments brand of brutal death metal consists of weaving technical guitar riffs, relentless drumming, pounding bass lines and truly ferocious vocals to create a devastating fully automatic assault reminiscent of many influences ranging from classic 80’s to current death metal bands.

A unique of raw un-processed sounds, unrelenting rhythms and Instrumental attack appeases the stringent demands of heaviness, originality, complexity, speed and precision insisted upon by avid death metal lovers, yet catchy memorable songs that intrigue the listeners of all metal genres. The bands live show is authentic and engaging, their recordings are technically rich the bands live sound is captured brilliantly in extreme hi-fi, almost as if your standing right at the front of the stage, defying the listeners pre-conceived notions about the age-old genre typically renowned in the past for low-fi, inaccessible recordings.


Aborted, Hour of Penance, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Incantation, Nile, Hideous Divinity, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Deeds of Flesh, Suffocation

Blind to Reality

In 2017 Eternal Torment returned to Nik Carpenter at Core Studios to record their second album 'Blind to Reality' released on Dec 22, 2017.
1 Depose
2 Black Blood
3 Our Ignorance
4 Blind to Reality
5 Beyond Godlike
6 Abhorrence Embodied

Eternal Torment in 2018


2018 Update

Commenced writing new material. Rehearsals are going very well with several new songs for the next full length album.


2017 Update

Blind To Reality album released 22nd December 2017. Independantly published to all the major on;ine media channels, simultaneously released on Band Camp, Youtube and distributed to the free album distribution networks.


2017 Update

Depose Single released in the lead up to the full 'Blind To Reality' album release in late december 2017


2017 Update

Shooting of the Depose video went really well. to be released with the album preparations are being made for CD art and worldwide digital distribution

Spring 2016


Recordings of two new tracks, 'Black Blood' and 'Depose the Elite' have gone exceptionally well and the band has commissioned Darklight Studios, a gold coast film production company to produce the bands first commercial grade music video clip.

The two singles were produced by Nik Carpenter at Core Studios and were mastered by Paul Blakey from 12th and Vine Studios, also on the Gold Coast.

Tracking went very smoothly and once again Nik has captured the bands sound very well and they are anxious to share the new catchy, original brutal material which is the trademark of Eternal Torment's sound.

Shooting of the Music Video is taking place in september so we are looking forward to it coming available leading up to the end of year holiday season.


2016 Update

With a number of shows under their belt in late 2014 and early 2015 the band returned to the studio to write new material.

During 2015 Shane Smith became a full time member and the new songs materialised into a brand new sound with new levels of brutality and speed.

2016 marks a new chapter with the completion of the line-up we have begun preparations to record a new EP to launch the band in its newly taken shape and form.

The new music is even more catchier, heavier, unrelenting as the previous album and it is much faster and technical. We are looking forward to producing our first single from the record in Q1 of 2016.

Track Listing
1 Encased in Hate
2 Obey
3 Let The Humans Die
4 Centuries of Suffering
5 Descent into Madness

The Decent Into Madness EP

In 2014 Eternal Torment went to Nik Carpenter at Core Studios to record their debut official single, capturing 'Let The Humans Die'.
In Jan 2015 the 'Descent into Madness' EP was completed and soon after 400 copies were pressed and released by russian label Lord of the Sick Recordings

The Formitave Years

Eternal Torment formed on the Gold Coast in 2012 when the brothers Chris and Gus Erasmus decided to form a band and write uncompromised Death Metal. It was not long before they met drummer Matthew Southcombe, and began writing songs.

Persevering through a number of vocalists and bass players in Dec 2013 the band settled with Gus moving from guitars to vocals leaving Chris as the only guitarist and bass player Dios Syracuse completed the lineup, the band got busy tracking a series of demos.

Eternal Torment developed a brand name that represents tradional death metal band that sticks to the 'old school', fundamental values and quite quickly played a speight of shows before returning to the studio to write new and improved material.

'Obey' and 'Eternal Torment', 'Tres Diablos', 'Spontaneous Human Combustion' were written, tracked and within 6 months Eternal Torment was out there, blasting their own brand of brutal death in the local haunts. their Debut was at the Crowbar in brisbane, followed by the Black Christmas at the Miami Shark Bar. Soon to follow was the tatts hotel in Lismore, Prince of Wales hotel in Ipswich and the Coolangatta Hotel.

Due to musical differences and differing directions in the root of the music the band seperated with founding member Matthew Southcombe in August 2015.

We are now posting our shows on 'Bands in Town' so gig trackers can know when our shows are on.

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