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Blind to Reality

Released for worldwide digital distribution on Dec 22 2017

WELL Its Official! Blind to Reality has been released and can be purchased digitally worldwide from any of the big music outlets (Amazon Music, iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, Shazam to name a few).

We hope you enjoy our brutal tunes! thank you for all the positive feedback on the depose single. we are going to party hard this summer and get busy on our next release!

A special big thanks goes out to our trusty producer Nik Carpenter from Core Studios/Records for producing such a thumping record. so many of the reviews we have received have mentioned how great the recording quaility is. Thanks again Nik!

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Listen to the entire album ad free right here!

Youtube Channel

the Blind to Reality album in its entirety for your free streaming pleasure.

The playlist below commences with the official depose video and then continues with the remainder of the album displaying the album art.

Released for worldwide digital distribution on Dec 1 2017

Music Video

Depose from the up and coming Blind to Reality album was released on Dec 01 2017 (below).

Depose teaser video

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